Enhance what is there

After 20 years in the profession, architect Julien Renaux decided to create a new architecture firm entirely dedicated to his vision of construction: ‘Enhance what exists by using technique with discernment.’ OSARC was born out of a desire for degrowth as much as for aesthetic elegance. A visionary nonetheless inspired by good practices from the past, Julien Renaux combines tradition and modern. OSARC prefers simplicity to irrationality, performance to overconsumption and beauty to superficiality. In this context, OSARC takes the challenges of urban planning particularly seriously.

Reveal the beauty and efficiency
of simple things.

Our understanding
of circumstances

A sustainable approach to architecture means taking the environment into account. Each project begins with new ideas in the deep understanding of a unique set of circumstances. Analysis of the site considers its history and physical characteristics. What are its strong points? What influence does the sun have as it moves? What are the client’s specific requirements, values, and desires? What are the functional constraints? What will they be in ten years’ time? Sustainable architecture requires contextual understanding and artistic sensitivity. The spaces that we create with an integrated, rational design have a positive effect on the planet and well-being.

OSARC brings environments to life,
improving day-to-day life by creating
a sense of well-being.

A rational approach

Technical rigour, compliance with deadlines and budgets, each strategy is precise, coherent, and followed meticulously. With excellent project management skills, our team transforms your idea into a sustainable reality.