The pertinence of a curious,
rigorous team

Beyond their excellent project management, the team behind the OSARC architecture firm is constantly exploring new skills to find the specific response to meet both client and ecological requirements.

Julien Renaux

Architect & Founder

In practice, Julien endeavours to reveal the correct regional expression. OSARC’s founding architect does not hide behind technique, he will only use it if absolutely necessary. The natural environment is his main tool. Julien Renaux is a master in the technical knowledge relating to the thermal characteristics of buildings and their energy performance (trained in passive house techniques, certification, noise exposure, monitoring, thermal bridges, etc.).

Clara Bridoux

Architect – Projet manager

In tune with OSARC’s vision, Clara is an essential architect. Her organisation skills, logical thinking, method and common sense lead to beautiful, tangible, architectural stories.

Laurent Quenon

Architect – Project manager (Q-BE)

Laurent is a vital project manager: He manages sites with unwavering adherence to set budgets and objectives. His proficiency along with his operational and rational project management skills are an asset for OSARC.

Valentin Foulon

Associate architect

Graduating from La Cambre in 2020, Valentin still has a long learning path ahead but already his artistic vision is clear and valuable for the OSARC modern architecture firm.